[Flobamorata] #9 The Koka Beach: a Complete Package


Koka Beach (1)


Koka Beach (2)

Maumere has lots of beautiful beaches with white sand and sparkling water. Koka is one of the best. You can climb the hill nearby and see the panorama from there.


The View Captured from a Hill Nearby (1)


a View from the Hill (2)


Another View from the Same Hill

To get there, you only need about 30 minutes from the city of Maumere. Car or motorcycle could perfectly take you there. The roads are quite good, but they still have some turnings and upp-down route. Make sure you are not a beginner in driving or riding.

Similar with other tourism spot in this regency, it still have no enough supporting facilities. There are only some huts (you need to pay 10,000 IDR to use one of them), parking lots, and toilets. Some locals are also selling some food and drinks there.

Oiya, it is also important to notice that swimming in this beach is not recommended. You can play around the narrow beach, but please do not go too further from the beach. It is very dangerous, many visitors swimming there have lost. Usually, local visitors would warn you about this.
Although we cant swim as we want, you still can do other activities to enjoy, such as building castles with the white sand, playing along the beach, and going up to the hill enjoying remarkable view. I bet your camera would be the best thing to use. This is a perfect place for photo hunting!
You also can go to the caves like my friends and me in this picture. It is breathtaking coming near the water and being sprinkled by the waves. But don’t forget to be careful ya!


The Waves


My Collegues


What were they looking at?


see you:)



[Flobamorata] #8 Morosobe Twin Waterfalls: the Hidden Paradise


Murusobe Waterfalls in a Dry Season

These waterfalls are located in Poma Village, Mego sub-distric, Sikka Regency. Perharps it would be hard to find it on googlemap, hehehe. It is quite a remote area though. For most tourists, this place – maybe – would not be in their list to visit because of the remoteness. It will cost you quite a lot and spend a long time to get there.

So, why did I lost there? A good question. A friend of mine’s working area – working in a same project with me – was there. She was a strong and diligent staff working in a such remote area and travelling there almost every day. I cant imagine if it were me. hehehe. I accompanied and helped her doing her duties in the community there, just when I had a time to allocate or I had finished my own responsibilities.

Okay, back to the topic.

To reach this site, the first thing you need is a courage! And time as well. The route is quite extreme.

Actually, there are two routes to follow, from Wolodhesa Village or Loke Village. In my experience, I only have tried the Loke route. So, I will tell you this, ya.

From Maumere you can go by a motorcycle – I did – or a car. But if it is a car, you need to make sure that the car is high enough, you know the one like an adventure car. Don’t drive an Avanza or others that are similar or even lower that it. Actually the driver that will drop you there – if you rent a car with a local driver – is absolutely know this information, though.

This journey will be around 4 hours. So it is better to have other activities to avoid being bored along the way. The roads are quite – and sometimes extremely – challenging. However, don’t be afraid ya… the drivers are skilful and get used to it. Everything will be okay.

Normally, you will be dropped in the way before you have to walk through a forest for about 30 minutes – you can be faster than that. Because the site has not developed by the government, you only need to report your attendance to the local leader there. But don’t worry, you don’t have to go to his place on your own. The people you meet nearby will help you. this is needed because they want to make sure you will be fine during your visit. They also will send you some kids as your guide. If I am not wrong, there is no fee for this. However, I think you need to give something like snacks, sweets or something that those kids would like.

Why will you need a local as a guide?

There is no single sign to help you get the site. I guess you will get lost with no help. here is my documentation along the way of my first visit. It was in the end of 2014.


An Area of Loke, the Waterfalls are behind the hills


A Quite Narrow Road, but it is far better than others you’ll come across 🙂


You only need to walk through the ‘forest’ and park your vehicles after come across this sign 🙂


Sometimes you need to walk through the river, watch your steps! hehe,,


Going Over the Bridge with Our Little Guide 🙂


A bit more to see the full view 😀


Here We Go! The Waterfalls 😀

Actually, you can also swim in the pool below the waterfalls. We just forgot to take some pictures of the pool and people that were swimming at that time. The water is quite clear, but one thing to remember, probably you’ll come across some leeches. I did too, even more than one! I just felt kinda annoyed 😦 But, don’t worry, it won’t kill you 😀 wkwkwk.

[Flobamorata] #4 Bena Traditional Village


Bena Traditional Village’s Panorama

Actually, in Flores Island – and other islands in East Nusa Tenggara Province – there are some traditional village developed for tourism. It is a kind of small neighbourhoods with theirs traditional houses and also other activities, like traditional ceremonies, and daily activities.


Bena Village with the Mount of Inerie blocked by the thick fog

Visitors can spend some nights there, in the houses, engage in activities there, and also buy some souvenirs. In some of those, you have to pay for this in a particular amount, but in my experience spending a night at Bena, I only gave the house owners 50,000 IDR.


The Family

From this village, you can clearly see the peak of Inerie Mountain (if the weather is friendly). My travel mate went to the peak a year before my visit. Honestly, I wanted to go there too, but I did not have enough time for it. My day off was quite limited, hehehe.

Unlike in ‘another’ traditional village, here you are allowed to take pictures as many as you want for free! So, it was very important to bring your camera during your visit 🙂 One thing to remember, you are not allowed to take pictures inside the house. The house owner said that to me. but the did allow me to do so. However, I won’t upload it here though. Just for my collection. Hehe.


the long stones in front of the houses


the stones as one of the most important part of this village


the traditional scarfs as one of the locals’ source of living

If you want to reach there, the best option is renting a motorcycle, or probably if you are in a group, you can take a car. However, as far as I remember, the roads were quite narrow, so it would be difficult unless you ride a motorcycle. An important note to take is,, you need to acquire a more than basic skill of riding, the landscape, road, and route are quite challenging! It is also difficult to seek for a help if you have a crash because the route is a kind of forest, not all the way is near from people houses or farms. You could be the only people there.

So, do you want to visit there?

[Flobamorata] #3 Wonderful Islands at Riung Offering Various Natural Attractions

Located in the north beach of Bajawa Regency, this tourism place has been quite popular among locals and international visitors. Although, it is not as well-known as Kelimutu or Komodo National Park. However, don’t worry! Riung has some gorgeous islands that definetely make your visit worth!

Unfortunately, I have not been in all islands (17 islands in total) so I cannot tell you completely. In fact, I only landed on Rutong Island (I think it is the most lovely one) and saw the Bath Island (Pulau Kelelawar). However, I think the pictures I am showing you in this post would be quite an explanation about this gorgeous site.

In the terms of accommodation, Riung is quite better than Pangabatang. There are some hostel with various prices. Most of them are reasonable, or even cheap. I am not quite sure how you can get there from the nearest city, Bajawa, I guess there are buses as the public transportation, but I think renting a car would be better. At that time, I went there by motorcycle with a friend, we were in a tour started from Maumere – Nagekeo – Bajawa – Ende – Maumere. That was the most unforgettable long motorcycle trip I have ever attempted!


The Rutong Island

You can explore the islands and visit a bat island by taking a canoe. It will cost you about 400,000 IDR. However, if you want to save your money, it would be better to have some friends who want go together. At that time, I only visited Rutong Island and the Bat Island. Although the weather was not quite sunny, I still got some gorgeous pictures… here they are!



The Beach of Rutong Island


Other Islands captured from Rutong


An Island captured from Rutong

In Rutong Island, you can easily swim in that clear-clean-sparkling water. If you are quite an explorer, climbing the hill of the island would be a good choice to make. You can see the surroundings from the top and of course your camera would be quite a help.


In the top of Rutong Island 


A Landscape Captured from the Hill of Rutong

If you like collecting lovely stones or stuff like the sea creatures’ fossil, the island can give you more… just take it for free 🙂


A Starfish


Flying bats after getting disturb

In the Bat Island, you will find hundreds of bat that are sleeping. If you throw a stone to wake them up, you can see there are lots of those who will get up and fly over the island. It is not a good thing to do, but some people really do that.


What is the thing I came across? wkwkwk