Hi, Makassar!


at Hasanuddin International Airport πŸ™‚

It was not a holiday (oke, noted). I went to Makassar just because I had to take a very very risky test as the first step of my next ‘journey’ #youcanguesswhat. Whatever the result, I had to make the best of mine.

Fortunately, my friend is very kind so I had an opportunity to visit Losari, yes it’s a sign that I had been there…


Anjungan Losari (with many best site to take pict )


Miniature of Great Phinisi, you know Phinisi?


Ms. Ayu, my friend taking me here,, thanks ya Kak, see you again:)


Lombok! See you next time :D


Hello, Lombok!

On the middle of December 2015, I had a glance opportunity to visit a few part of Lombok’s best travelling destination. It was just one day!

Firstly, I and my friends visited Senggigi Beach. Hmm… I didn’t know why I enjoyed nothing there. Maybe I (and some of my friends) expecting so much just upset because the place was not as wonderful as I though before. But, it’s OK! at least I had visited the most best destinations there… I also took some photos (of course :D)…


Senggigi Beach πŸ˜€

Then, I and my new one and only friend (and my guide too), went to other (really) wonderful places. Because I just had one day, my friend suggested me to visit Lombok Tengah: the beaches and traditional village. Lombok Tengah has the best potential destinations and now they are still in developing.

  1. Tanjung Ann Beach

Tanjung Ann from the Hill


White sand on Tanjung Ann Beach

2. Seger Beach


3. Kuta Beach



4. Sade Traditional Village


With local people selling her handicrafts

Yeahh, it was just a little story about my one day’s travel in Lombok. There are still many beautiful best destionations I have to visit… See you next time, Lombok!

Girls in Action #Baliseries #part1

This is our journey to Bali, not the first visit because we have traveled here several times for job. But, this is our first time exploring Bali. Although just one day (it’s really one day, full), it’s really worthed and I think I must plan the next days to explore more and more.

Because it’s not guide blog, I won’t tell you much about this place. I just going to share a little part about my journeys. If you want to know more about the place (and other Indonesia’s wonderful destinations), I recommend to visit http://indonesia.travel/ . A lot of Indonesias well described there.


Welcome to Kuta Beach, by traditional scarf girl


Padang-padang Beach

Thanks to “Eat, Pray, and Love” Padang-padang Beach became famous because of the film took place here. Julia Roberts was there… How about you guys?


Julia was here, we too πŸ™‚


DreamLand Beach


Canoeing at Padang Beach

Padang Beach is different with padang-padang Beach ya guys. But both of them are amazing! Don’t be agree before proving!


The real is more and more beautiful than my poor photo; Uluwatu

At Uluwatu you can enjoy Kecak Traditional Dance on particular days. Unfortunately, when I was there it’s not perform.


Ms Kristin at Garuda Wisnu Kencana

See you at my next journeys…. see you to in Indonesia πŸ™‚


[photo of the month] our journey to lakey :)

These photos were taken couple months ago on our job trip to Dompu. The spot was so great and mostly recommended when you’re on your trip to Sumbawa Island although there are still many other recommended place. I also met some foreign tourists there. And the good news, some beautiful cottages located in front of the beach are ready to be your place for rest. So, welcome to Lakey πŸ™‚

welcome to lakey

Welcoming Gate to Lakey Beach


the road


Here we go!


See! the sparkling blue water and the white sand are waiting for us πŸ™‚


The canoes complete our adventure there!