[Flobamorata] #9 The Koka Beach: a Complete Package


Koka Beach (1)


Koka Beach (2)

Maumere has lots of beautiful beaches with white sand and sparkling water. Koka is one of the best. You can climb the hill nearby and see the panorama from there.


The View Captured from a Hill Nearby (1)


a View from the Hill (2)


Another View from the Same Hill

To get there, you only need about 30 minutes from the city of Maumere. Car or motorcycle could perfectly take you there. The roads are quite good, but they still have some turnings and upp-down route. Make sure you are not a beginner in driving or riding.

Similar with other tourism spot in this regency, it still have no enough supporting facilities. There are only some huts (you need to pay 10,000 IDR to use one of them), parking lots, and toilets. Some locals are also selling some food and drinks there.

Oiya, it is also important to notice that swimming in this beach is not recommended. You can play around the narrow beach, but please do not go too further from the beach. It is very dangerous, many visitors swimming there have lost. Usually, local visitors would warn you about this.
Although we cant swim as we want, you still can do other activities to enjoy, such as building castles with the white sand, playing along the beach, and going up to the hill enjoying remarkable view. I bet your camera would be the best thing to use. This is a perfect place for photo hunting!
You also can go to the caves like my friends and me in this picture. It is breathtaking coming near the water and being sprinkled by the waves. But don’t forget to be careful ya!


The Waves


My Collegues


What were they looking at?


see you:)