[Flobamorata] #10 the Landscape of Lembata in a Dry Season


a beach in Lembata captured on my way to Wailolong

It was when I travelled for a training, that I had a chance to be in this island which is famous with its whale hunting attraction held in May. I cant tell you about tourism places there because – honestly – I had no chance getting any of them. Sad.


The Harbour of Lembata

I only want to describe my impression about this quite dry island. I got there from Maumere. Firstly, my collegues and I needed to go to Lewoleba Harbour located in the eastern tip of Flores Island – in Larantuka Regency – then take a boat. I forgot how much we should pay for the boat. Wkwkwk. actually, I was not the person in charge for this – tickecting – even, I didn’t hold the tickect by myself.
Yap. Mostly, the boat would be quite crowded, so you need to get inside earlier to make sure you can sit down. If not – or if you are quite kind – you can stand along the way. Hmmm. I didn’t prefer that, it was quite a long journey, around two hours. Because it was a small boat, it can go faster than the bigger one. This boat can take you to Lembata or Alor Island. The latter is less far, so before arriving to Lembata, the boat stopped at Alor Harbour – I forgot the name. actually it was a very small place just to unloaded some passengers, the more will be off at Lembata Island.
For about a week, we spent the whole time in a hotel. I felt far happier when we were visiting a village and spend a night there. After being bored with the meals at the hotel… finally I tasted delicious menus in the village, fish and fresh coconut… wwkwkwk, tempting. Actually it was only grilled fish. But somehow I liked it very much – basically I don’t like fish. perharps it was because the fish was fresh from the sea.

The village produced lots of coconuts and some people were fisherman for different purposes; daily consumption or selling. Quite different from Maumere, Lembata has more moslem, and in this village in particular – Wailolong Village – the numbers of moslem and catholic inhabitants were quite similar.


quite a scenic landscape taken from a main road


in front of my way


the common view in a dry season in Lembata


waiting for a sunrise


a sunrise 🙂

lb6 (2).JPG

the kids! we’re waiting for your visit:D




Flobamorata (circled in red)

In Flobamorata series, I would like to tell you about my journeys in these islands. Oh wait, do you know what does the abbreviation stand for? It is Flores, Sumba, Timor, Alor, Lembata.

To be honest, I have not been in Sumba till now (I wish I have been there when I was working in Flores, but I could not manage the time, hiks). And also Alor, I only stopped in its small harbour when I was on my way to Lembata. So, I am going to write about the places that I have ever visited, particularly the tourism sites.

Before starting, I would like to apologize, as a traveller, I think I have not been quite a photographer. Having a DSLR does not guarantee you can shoot well. Do not believe that the pictures I am going to give you would represent the beauty of the locations, they are far far more stunning! So, grab your backpack and prove my words!! Happy travelling 🙂


Okay, welcome to Flobamorata!