[Flobamorata] #5 Getting Refreshed in Soa


let’s see what’s available inside!

Located in Ngada Regency, this is another tourism attraction if you want to relaxing your body and mind as well. To be frank with you, this site was not lovely enough for me. Most of the facilities were not well maintained. Even the toilets were quite bad smell and the doors were broken. However, if you are in Bajawa,ย just go there ๐Ÿ™‚

However, the main attraction itself โ€“ the hot water โ€“ was still worthed to enjoy though. After riding a quite long distance, sitting or laying down in the pool was really relaxing! Because my point was only exploring new places, I could say that my visit there was not too bad!


do you wanna join?


another spot


another pool


As you see the pictures, this place is crowded on holidays. Almost all visitors are locals because in my visit I didn’t come across any foreigners.



[Flobamorata] #4 Bena Traditional Village


Bena Traditional Village’s Panorama

Actually, in Flores Island โ€“ and other islands in East Nusa Tenggara Province โ€“ there are some traditional village developed for tourism. It is a kind of small neighbourhoods with theirs traditional houses and also other activities, like traditional ceremonies, and daily activities.


Bena Village with the Mount of Inerie blocked by the thick fog

Visitors can spend some nights there, in the houses, engage in activities there, and also buy some souvenirs. In some of those, you have to pay for this in a particular amount, but in my experience spending a night at Bena, I only gave the house owners 50,000 IDR.


The Family

From this village, you can clearly see the peak of Inerie Mountain (if the weather is friendly). My travel mate went to the peak a year before my visit. Honestly, I wanted to go there too, but I did not have enough time for it. My day off was quite limited, hehehe.

Unlike in โ€˜anotherโ€™ traditional village, here you are allowed to take pictures as many as you want for free! So, it was very important to bring your camera during your visit ๐Ÿ™‚ One thing to remember, you are not allowed to take pictures inside the house. The house owner said that to me. but the did allow me to do so. However, I wonโ€™t upload it here though. Just for my collection. Hehe.


the long stones in front of the houses


the stones as one of the most important part of this village


the traditional scarfs as one of the locals’ source of living

If you want to reach there, the best option is renting a motorcycle, or probably if you are in a group, you can take a car. However, as far as I remember, the roads were quite narrow, so it would be difficult unless you ride a motorcycle. An important note to take is,, you need to acquire a more than basic skill of riding, the landscape, road, and route are quite challenging! It is also difficult to seek for a help if you have a crash because the route is a kind of forest, not all the way is near from people houses or farms. You could be the only people there.

So, do you want to visit there?