[Flobamorata] #7 Tanjung Kajubiru


from quite a long distance

When I was in Flores, Tanjung Kajubiru was a part of my daily routine because it is located in Magepanda sub-district – my working area. I rode my motorcycle along the nearby road almost everyday. Did I use to go up there often? No. Just once I made an attempt till the top, the second and third one I only stopped at the lower ladder.


going up the hill!

At the top of the hill there is a big crescent. And you can go there easily by ladders. These are the view you got when you go up there.


the view from up there

Quite lovely being up there, you will be surrounded by the hills and the blue ocean. if you are lucky, the sunset will be quite a stunning scenery. Unfortunately, I have not witnessed that view though 😦


be careful, don’t go too far:)

To get this place, you only need 30 minutes – from the city of Maumere – if your speed is not quite fast. The roads are friendly enough, there are some ups and downs, but those are tolerable, even for a newbie – like me at the first time there – you just need to pay your attention to your way, don’t be distracted by the gorgeous scenery surrounding you! Wkwkwk.

Sometimes, it is okay not to gup the hill, just stop right in front of the hill and you will get quite a scenic landscape, like the one below captured in different time.


a view nearby the hill

If you are in Maumere, I would strongly advise you to explore this place; not far and quite lovely 🙂

[Flobamorata] #6 Let’s Get Lost in Larantuka

The most famous thing about the city located in the tip of Flores Island is the religious event called Semana Santa that is a kind of tradition heritaged by Portuguese (Catholic) that combined with the local culture. It happens every at Easter only. At the moment, the city always gets crowded. Because my visit was not at the moment, of course I did not have any story about it.

Hmmm, actually  was only answering my curiosity about the city. My adventurous friend could happily being asked to accompany me there.


on my way

The city is in the east way from Maumere, the roads are not challenging as those toward Ende. Still, sometimes you will meet some turnings and up/ down roads. But this journey was interesting! I stopped at some sites just to take photos, wkwkwk. and in the area near the city, you will pass the road where along the way is a forest where lots of monkeys are living. I beat you come across with some of them in front of your way!

I did not take lots of photos there, only a few; in the way, in the city, and in its harbour. Yes, larantuka, like Maumere also has a harbour. Oiya, one fact about this city, in comparison with Maumere, the percentage of moslem is quite larger. You also can see that the main mosque there is far bigger than one in Maumere.


The Statue of Mater Dolorosa


The Church


I’m not sure what it is, just randomly captured 🙂


a statue in the city park


the market


the harbour


the people

Have the pictures attracted you already to go there? Don’t worry, actually the real landscape is far more lovely… Also, I still save the pictures taken along the way of my journey in Flores, I’ll show you in another post. Bye!

[Flobamorata] #5 Getting Refreshed in Soa


let’s see what’s available inside!

Located in Ngada Regency, this is another tourism attraction if you want to relaxing your body and mind as well. To be frank with you, this site was not lovely enough for me. Most of the facilities were not well maintained. Even the toilets were quite bad smell and the doors were broken. However, if you are in Bajawa, just go there 🙂

However, the main attraction itself – the hot water – was still worthed to enjoy though. After riding a quite long distance, sitting or laying down in the pool was really relaxing! Because my point was only exploring new places, I could say that my visit there was not too bad!


do you wanna join?


another spot


another pool


As you see the pictures, this place is crowded on holidays. Almost all visitors are locals because in my visit I didn’t come across any foreigners.


[Flobamorata] #4 Bena Traditional Village


Bena Traditional Village’s Panorama

Actually, in Flores Island – and other islands in East Nusa Tenggara Province – there are some traditional village developed for tourism. It is a kind of small neighbourhoods with theirs traditional houses and also other activities, like traditional ceremonies, and daily activities.


Bena Village with the Mount of Inerie blocked by the thick fog

Visitors can spend some nights there, in the houses, engage in activities there, and also buy some souvenirs. In some of those, you have to pay for this in a particular amount, but in my experience spending a night at Bena, I only gave the house owners 50,000 IDR.


The Family

From this village, you can clearly see the peak of Inerie Mountain (if the weather is friendly). My travel mate went to the peak a year before my visit. Honestly, I wanted to go there too, but I did not have enough time for it. My day off was quite limited, hehehe.

Unlike in ‘another’ traditional village, here you are allowed to take pictures as many as you want for free! So, it was very important to bring your camera during your visit 🙂 One thing to remember, you are not allowed to take pictures inside the house. The house owner said that to me. but the did allow me to do so. However, I won’t upload it here though. Just for my collection. Hehe.


the long stones in front of the houses


the stones as one of the most important part of this village


the traditional scarfs as one of the locals’ source of living

If you want to reach there, the best option is renting a motorcycle, or probably if you are in a group, you can take a car. However, as far as I remember, the roads were quite narrow, so it would be difficult unless you ride a motorcycle. An important note to take is,, you need to acquire a more than basic skill of riding, the landscape, road, and route are quite challenging! It is also difficult to seek for a help if you have a crash because the route is a kind of forest, not all the way is near from people houses or farms. You could be the only people there.

So, do you want to visit there?

[Flobamorata] #3 Wonderful Islands at Riung Offering Various Natural Attractions

Located in the north beach of Bajawa Regency, this tourism place has been quite popular among locals and international visitors. Although, it is not as well-known as Kelimutu or Komodo National Park. However, don’t worry! Riung has some gorgeous islands that definetely make your visit worth!

Unfortunately, I have not been in all islands (17 islands in total) so I cannot tell you completely. In fact, I only landed on Rutong Island (I think it is the most lovely one) and saw the Bath Island (Pulau Kelelawar). However, I think the pictures I am showing you in this post would be quite an explanation about this gorgeous site.

In the terms of accommodation, Riung is quite better than Pangabatang. There are some hostel with various prices. Most of them are reasonable, or even cheap. I am not quite sure how you can get there from the nearest city, Bajawa, I guess there are buses as the public transportation, but I think renting a car would be better. At that time, I went there by motorcycle with a friend, we were in a tour started from Maumere – Nagekeo – Bajawa – Ende – Maumere. That was the most unforgettable long motorcycle trip I have ever attempted!


The Rutong Island

You can explore the islands and visit a bat island by taking a canoe. It will cost you about 400,000 IDR. However, if you want to save your money, it would be better to have some friends who want go together. At that time, I only visited Rutong Island and the Bat Island. Although the weather was not quite sunny, I still got some gorgeous pictures… here they are!



The Beach of Rutong Island


Other Islands captured from Rutong


An Island captured from Rutong

In Rutong Island, you can easily swim in that clear-clean-sparkling water. If you are quite an explorer, climbing the hill of the island would be a good choice to make. You can see the surroundings from the top and of course your camera would be quite a help.


In the top of Rutong Island 


A Landscape Captured from the Hill of Rutong

If you like collecting lovely stones or stuff like the sea creatures’ fossil, the island can give you more… just take it for free 🙂


A Starfish


Flying bats after getting disturb

In the Bat Island, you will find hundreds of bat that are sleeping. If you throw a stone to wake them up, you can see there are lots of those who will get up and fly over the island. It is not a good thing to do, but some people really do that.


What is the thing I came across? wkwkwk

[Flobamorata] #2 Pangabatang Island: Your Private Island

The first time I saw the pictures of this island was on my friend’s Facebook account. Masya Allah, it was like Maldives! I meant the natural landscape, not the accommodation and other state-of-the-art facilities. I had to be there one day! That was what I set in my mind. Finally, the day was coming, although it had been almost a year since my arrival. Better late than never 🙂


Let’s go!

This island is located in Sikka Regency, but quite near from Larantuka Regency. The good news is, the access from Maumere is fairly easy and comfortable, you can sleep along the way if you want to J Your vehicles can be parked at the parking lot near the beach where you will see lots of fishermen’s boat docked from there. If you want to get the island, I recommend you don not go alone because it will cost you more for the boat taking you to the site. But if you are quite rich, of course it is absolutely fine. The fee is around IDR 300,000 at that time, I guess now it would be more than that, 350 to 400 probably. However, it is worth enough because the boat owner will drop you off and pick you up too, or perharps he would be waiting for you till the afternoon, evening, as you want, but I am afraid evening may be the latest time you get.

Oiya, do not forget to bring the equipments you need, it is unoccupied island, there is no person living there and any other activities, except visitors/ tourists. Do not be surprised if you are the only person there! As I said, it looks like your private island 🙂

I got there with my colleagues by a car. I was not asleep along the way, we stopped at a local market and got out of the car for some fish and corns. We were having a barbeque in the island, yeay! In about 3 hours, finally we got to a village where we parked the car. After that, we headed to the beach and then got into the boat. I was not the person who seek and made a deal for the boat though, as usual, I was only the youngest in this group and my colleague who was familiar with the locals here made an arrangement for the boat. So, we did not spend much time waiting after arriving here.

Oiya, before getting to the boat, I had a little time wandering the surrounding, the people, the children, and


Traditional Salt Production

their activities. Most of them are, of course, fishermen, boat constructors, and salt farmers. This is a location of salf production.

And here is the place where boats are built. Quite impressive! These boat are made only by traditional methode, how skillful they are!


Boats Manufacture Location


This took about 30 minutes, and along the way you can whatever you want like eating quick snacks (or breakfast/ brunch, maybe), taking photos, make some videos, and sleeping. I did all of those, wkwkwk. the closer we got to the island, the more gorgeous the landscape we saw! It was the picture I took before getting off from the boat.


The view before getting off from the boat

Of course the boat could not take us to the land, and there was no place to dock it. So that, we should get into the beach (the trousers got wet), then finally, I was in this island!


Pangabatang Island

The first thing I did after arriving was preparing the barbeque! A friend of mine and I get the fish done, and the ‘boys’ (actually, they were the uncles) had a job to toast the corns and fish as well. They were far better to do this than me, and other girls as well.


We’re quite hungry people

After finishing my ‘job’, I walked around the island with my camera. my friend asking me to follow her, she led me to the most gorgeous spot ever! It was kind of another island, with white sand, sparkling water, and just we were there! I am sorry, I could not describe it precisely. Perharps, these photos can tell you more.


Go catch me!




The white sand


Getting on the boat, we’re leaving 😦


A bonus; we got a sunset


Don’t belive what I said, come and prove, ya!

Assalamu’alaykum Wr. Wb.


Pantai Watubale – Kebumen. Ayo dolan Bumen!!!

Hallo semua, perkenalkan saya Ninung, seorang Jawa, dari Kebumen, Jawa Tengah yang pernah kuliah di FKM UI (2009/13) tepatnya di Prodi Gizi. Dulu kerja di pelosok Karawang dan setelahnya di Maumere (Flores-NTT). Insya Allah September besok akan ngampus lagi, ke LSHTM – UK. Mohon doanya, agar diberi kelancaran dan berkah ilmunya!

Karena saya ngga jago & ngga hobi nulis, lalu disertai gaptek, maklumilah jika blog ini susunannya berantakan dan isi tulisannya pun susah dipahami (mungkin hanya saya yang paham, fufufu).

Oiya, fyi untuk foto-foto yang saya muat di blog ini adalah hasil bidikan teman perjalanan saya (ada beberapa orang) dan saya sendiri. Karena keterbatasan daya ingat, saya sendiri ngga bisa ngebedain mana saja hasil jepretan sendiri dan mana yang bukan. Kami biasanya bawa kamera masing-masing, kemudian saling copas hasilnya. Jadi, @sininung itu bukan tanda kalau itu beneran gambar yang saya ambil sendiri, melainkan kode aja kalau itu saya yang upload.

Btw, selamat datang di coretan random mengenai pretelan kegelisahan, untaian pemikiran, dan puzzle pengalaman saya J