[Flobamorata] #7 Tanjung Kajubiru


from quite a long distance

When I was in Flores, Tanjung Kajubiru was a part of my daily routine because it is located in Magepanda sub-district – my working area. I rode my motorcycle along the nearby road almost everyday. Did I use to go up there often? No. Just once I made an attempt till the top, the second and third one I only stopped at the lower ladder.


going up the hill!

At the top of the hill there is a big crescent. And you can go there easily by ladders. These are the view you got when you go up there.


the view from up there

Quite lovely being up there, you will be surrounded by the hills and the blue ocean. if you are lucky, the sunset will be quite a stunning scenery. Unfortunately, I have not witnessed that view though 😦


be careful, don’t go too far:)

To get this place, you only need 30 minutes – from the city of Maumere – if your speed is not quite fast. The roads are friendly enough, there are some ups and downs, but those are tolerable, even for a newbie – like me at the first time there – you just need to pay your attention to your way, don’t be distracted by the gorgeous scenery surrounding you! Wkwkwk.

Sometimes, it is okay not to gup the hill, just stop right in front of the hill and you will get quite a scenic landscape, like the one below captured in different time.


a view nearby the hill

If you are in Maumere, I would strongly advise you to explore this place; not far and quite lovely 🙂


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