[Flobamorata] #6 Let’s Get Lost in Larantuka

The most famous thing about the city located in the tip of Flores Island is the religious event called Semana Santa that is a kind of tradition heritaged by Portuguese (Catholic) that combined with the local culture. It happens every at Easter only. At the moment, the city always gets crowded. Because my visit was not at the moment, of course I did not have any story about it.

Hmmm, actually  was only answering my curiosity about the city. My adventurous friend could happily being asked to accompany me there.


on my way

The city is in the east way from Maumere, the roads are not challenging as those toward Ende. Still, sometimes you will meet some turnings and up/ down roads. But this journey was interesting! I stopped at some sites just to take photos, wkwkwk. and in the area near the city, you will pass the road where along the way is a forest where lots of monkeys are living. I beat you come across with some of them in front of your way!

I did not take lots of photos there, only a few; in the way, in the city, and in its harbour. Yes, larantuka, like Maumere also has a harbour. Oiya, one fact about this city, in comparison with Maumere, the percentage of moslem is quite larger. You also can see that the main mosque there is far bigger than one in Maumere.


The Statue of Mater Dolorosa


The Church


I’m not sure what it is, just randomly captured 🙂


a statue in the city park


the market


the harbour


the people

Have the pictures attracted you already to go there? Don’t worry, actually the real landscape is far more lovely… Also, I still save the pictures taken along the way of my journey in Flores, I’ll show you in another post. Bye!


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