[Flobamorata] #3 Wonderful Islands at Riung Offering Various Natural Attractions

Located in the north beach of Bajawa Regency, this tourism place has been quite popular among locals and international visitors. Although, it is not as well-known as Kelimutu or Komodo National Park. However, don’t worry! Riung has some gorgeous islands that definetely make your visit worth!

Unfortunately, I have not been in all islands (17 islands in total) so I cannot tell you completely. In fact, I only landed on Rutong Island (I think it is the most lovely one) and saw the Bath Island (Pulau Kelelawar). However, I think the pictures I am showing you in this post would be quite an explanation about this gorgeous site.

In the terms of accommodation, Riung is quite better than Pangabatang. There are some hostel with various prices. Most of them are reasonable, or even cheap. I am not quite sure how you can get there from the nearest city, Bajawa, I guess there are buses as the public transportation, but I think renting a car would be better. At that time, I went there by motorcycle with a friend, we were in a tour started from Maumere – Nagekeo – Bajawa – Ende – Maumere. That was the most unforgettable long motorcycle trip I have ever attempted!


The Rutong Island

You can explore the islands and visit a bat island by taking a canoe. It will cost you about 400,000 IDR. However, if you want to save your money, it would be better to have some friends who want go together. At that time, I only visited Rutong Island and the Bat Island. Although the weather was not quite sunny, I still got some gorgeous pictures… here they are!



The Beach of Rutong Island


Other Islands captured from Rutong


An Island captured from Rutong

In Rutong Island, you can easily swim in that clear-clean-sparkling water. If you are quite an explorer, climbing the hill of the island would be a good choice to make. You can see the surroundings from the top and of course your camera would be quite a help.


In the top of Rutong Island 


A Landscape Captured from the Hill of Rutong

If you like collecting lovely stones or stuff like the sea creatures’ fossil, the island can give you more… just take it for free 🙂


A Starfish


Flying bats after getting disturb

In the Bat Island, you will find hundreds of bat that are sleeping. If you throw a stone to wake them up, you can see there are lots of those who will get up and fly over the island. It is not a good thing to do, but some people really do that.


What is the thing I came across? wkwkwk


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