Malino Tea Plantation: a Guilty Pleasure :P

I call my visit as a bonus because I got there in a very very crucial time. And I realized that it was also my guilty pleasure (maybe) or whatever since I came there not supposed to have a journey like tourists :D. Okay, I am not gonna tell you how could I be there hehehe… I am just going to tell you that you are better to get there if visiting South Sulawesi. It would be a worth time, especially if you go in a ‘perfect time’ 🙂 not like I did 😦

Malino Tea Plantation located in Gowa Regency, South Sulawesi, can be reached in 2-3 hours from Makassar city. If you want to be there by car, either you drive or just sit beside (or behind)the driver, it is better for you to be aware and choose the best speed because there are a lot of big holes in the road, so do when you ride a motorcycle. As an highland, I think you need to prepare a raincoat or something like that because the temperature is cool and it usually rains there. I came after I had stayed about two weeks in a hot city of Makassar doing the most tired job ever I have, so it felt like so much different and refreshing too :D.

Another my unlucky thing was the timing. I got the worst time; at afternoon (no sunset or sunrise, of course) and it was a rainy day. Can you imagine that? But I always thank because I was there, at least. hehehe.. It was a very kind of my friend taking a picture of me by her iPhone. It was not so beautiful compared to a picture I got from a website.

Kebun Teh Malino Highland

Malino Tea Plantaion, how is your opinion about the highland?*

I could not enjoy all the wonderfull spots because of the limited time I had and the weather too. I suppose you to pick your best time visiting the place, and dont forget to ask a photographer or your friend who is good at taking pictures…lol


smile smile 😀




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